Photo by J.C.A Photography

Why I do what I do

Like many other creatives, the best and worst thing about me as an artist is that I cannot decide on one thing I love to do most. If there is something I do know about myself, it is plain and simply this:

I love creating for myself and others, connecting, learning and teaching

My photography

I was gifted my first Canon camera by my parents when I was in Grade 8. My camera cards were full of images of my friends, pets, family, and A LOT of flowers, birds, bugs, etc. I was taking photos because I adored it, not to post on social media or create content, I had simply fallen in love with freezing time.

What fuels me to continue my photography practice is creating visual collections of moments my clients will love and cherish for years to come. Life can feel so hectic, and it is easy to say you do not have time to invest in a photographer. But have you ever looked back on an old photograph and not felt a flush of emotion come over you? Oh, the unavoidable nostalgia... As humans, we are drawn to reflecting on the past, because the past is the present we are experiencing right now, which is your life. The happiness in an old photo manifests the joy we feel today as we reflect on those memories. What we are creating is precious, personal, and beautiful. You will be glad you took the time to create some joyful memories of your life to share for years to come.

I want to get to know you and learn how you feel in front of a camera. Let's make our time together enjoyable, comfortable, and carefree.

Something you look forward to doing again.

My artwork

I draw, paint and have personal projects but also spend time working on commissions for my clients. What I have done to date includes:

Custom paintings, drawing, and multimedia work on canvas and paper, tattoo design, wooden signs, barn door murals, instrument facelifts (ukulele)



“Maria photographed our wedding on 1st June 2019 and we couldn't be more thrilled with how the day went or the fabulous pictures she took. We hardly knew she was there yet she captured so many wonderful moments for us to look back on over the coming years. The pictures we posed for looked natural and genuine. Great work, Maria.”